At CREAM Real Estate we recognize the social importance of new and revitalized projects. We work hard to live up to the definition of urbanism as a balance of all aspects of a well-functioning urban configuration.

One of these aspects is the environmental friendliness of buildings. 24-25-26 FABRIKA are newly designed buildings that minimize environmental damage. The project will use the proven know-how of CREAM Facility Management, which consists in the design of energy-efficient solutions and full control of energy consumption thanks to a sophisticated electronic building management system.

The quality of the work environment in the office and educational spaces will be enhanced by the intake of %100 fresh air as well as individual temperature and humidity control.

In addition to being a place of relaxation, culture, education and shopping, the new FABRIKA will also create employment opportunities for hundreds of residents of Zlin and the surrounding area. New jobs will be created not only in the retail units and the operation of the building but during the construction of FABRIKA itself and adjacent buildings.

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